Welcome to Idrania!

Idrania is the new Fluidra brand for water treatment systems. At Fluidra, we have a long tradition of manufacturing and distributing high quality products, always providing a comprehensive service through our network.

With Idrania, we are able to offer our customers a modern and complete range of water treatment products in response to the ever changing market requirements

The Idrania product range comprises 4 product families:

Idrasoft: Water softening systems to improve the quality of the water supply in homes, hotels, restaurants, industrial facilities, etc.

Water softening can provide important benefits in terms of personal care (softer hair and skin), as well as providing savings on detergents, lowering energy consumption and preventing limescale build-up, that can affect hydraulic installations.

Idrapure: Reverse osmosis systems installed at the point of use to reduce salt content and other particles, helping to provide purer water and remove bad taste. This water is not only suitable for drinking, but also for cooking, watering, ironing, etc.

Idraclean: Filtration systems designed to protect hydraulic installations. They filter impurities and other unwanted particles.

Idradose: Highly accurate and reliable dosing and regulation systems for water disinfection.

For more information on Idrania products you can find at the website.