AstralPool MAC

After four years of work and a 1.5 million euro investment in R&D the “smart pool” is now a reality.

The new 3.0 pool is here: AstralPool MAC®, a sophisticated system for the management and maintenance of pools up to 80 m³, designed to handle both the physical and chemical treatment of pools.

Constantly monitoring the water quality, the amount of chemicals that should be used and the ideal water temperature become a thing of the past with this system, because AstralPool MAC® takes care of everything. Its technology and high-resolution touchscreen allow consumers to enjoy the full benefits of their pools without the hassle of maintenance.

AstralPool MAC® provides total and intuitive pool control thanks to its intelligent Smart Manager software, which enables users to adjust all pool settings (efficiency levels, filtration, dosing, temperature, etc.) from a 5″ high-resolution touch-screen display.

Filtration can be controlled automatically or manually with this system. AstralPool MAC® can automatically backwash the filter when required and knows when to work harder to ensure the water is in perfect condition (automatic water recovery mode). The normal functions of a conventional system can be controlled in manual mode as necessary.

With the optional dosing feature the system automatically controls the correct chlorine dose via the salt electrolysis system included in the automatic ORP and pH control.

AstralPool MAC® has a by-pass to easily install the optional heat pump, preventing the water treated with salt electrolysis from entering the heat pump. The device also features Modbus communication to manage the heat pump from the touchscreen.

Users simply have to introduce the pool’s characteristics (size, water volume in m³, number of swimmers, environment, hours of use, ideal filtration time, etc.) into the system and the Smart Manager software will automatically program the optimal operational settings according to the requirements of each pool for top pool performance that saves energy and water.

AstralPool MAC® guarantees maximum efficiency by saving up to 50% on energy, 90% on chemical treatments and 50% on the water used for backwashing compared to conventional swimming pool control systems.

AstralPool MAC® can be installed in new pools as well as existing pools; its two compact modules (74.5 x 99.5 x 66.5 cm) are lightweight and easy to transport and install.

The device also features a Wi-Fi connection for remote pool control from smartphones and tablets.