Fluidra Vietnam distributes all products of Fluidra Corporation which is divided in four Business units related to water: pool & wellness, water treatment, irrigation, fluid handling. Besides, we provide services and complete solutions for water projects such as: preliminary consultancy, design, engineering, installation and maintenance.


Design, production and distribution of all components and accessories for residential swimming pools, public swimming pools and wellness centres.

Products: Pool surround equipment (ladders, showers, grating …)  pool shell equipment (skimmer, returned inlets, main drain…) competition pool accessories (starting block, lane rope);pool lighting,  filters, pumps, water treatments,  dosing controller; pool lining material, cover and roller, water heating systems;pool cleaners; hydromassage system, saunas, steam baths, spas, etc.


Solutions for the treatment of water for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications ranging from the treatment of drinking water, the desalination of seawater or the conditioning of water for agricultural irrigation through to the treatment of feed water, process water and waste water for recycling.

Products: Ionic exchange, inverse osmosis, softening, standard and biological filtration, ultra- and nano-filtration, solid chlorine sanitizers, algaecides, clarifiers and flocculants, automatic dispensing and control systems, etc.


Complete and efficient irrigation systems for agricultural applications, green spaces and public or residential gardens. Projecting and assessing each case until its completion, using products to regulate automatic irrigation, monitor water flow and allow or prevent water from flowing towards the different sections of the system.

Products: Valves (PVC, CPVC, ABS, PP, PVDF), PVC or PP fittings, housings, sprinkler systems, electro valves, programmers, flexible piping, etc.


Design, production and distribution of the parts necessary to transport water or other types of liquids in any application

Products: Ball, butterfly and check valves, PVC fittings, electro fusion fittings, butt welding fittings, drainage, flexible piping, etc.


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