Top Pool Innovations for 2017

Pool experts from around the globe met in Lyon from 15 to 18 November to celebrate Piscine Global Europe, an exhibition which, in this 27th edition, once again showed why it is a not-to-be-missed event for all sector professionals.

The Fluidra group had a very strong presence at the exhibition, with the participation of 11 group companies. The multinational used the fair to present its latest products in pool sustainability and design that will set trends in 2017.


Heat pumps will be the in-thing next year. Being able to enjoy your pool throughout the four seasons is a huge draw for many users. One of the most sustainable pumps is EVO Line. Designed to deliver major energy savings in low temperatures, the system regulates heat and cold to maintain a steady temperature. It also harnesses the potential of the Internet of Things (one of the hallmarks of this edition of Piscine Global), through an app by which the user can control water temperature remotely. 

Minimal maintenance

Systems that enable pool owners to spend less time on maintenance were also presented in Lyon, including NanoFiber, a self-cleaning filter equipped with a sophisticated nanofiber network that enables particles as small as 5 to 8 micras to be filtered and prevents dirt from building up in the device. The new Auto version allows the equipment to automate filter cleaning, making it even more user-friendly.

Another solution which proved a hit at the exhibition was the first range of four-wheel drive robotic pool cleaners: the R Series. The four models in this range (R2, R3, R5 and R7) have PVA wheels for optimal grip and adapt to any type of pool. And the robot does not have to come into contact with dirt to clean the filter.


Lighting is a very good way to convert a pool into a designer space that speaks to relaxation. A number of very interesting systems were presented at Piscine Global, such as Lumiplus DC, a LED light range fitted with a latest-generation lamp that delivers a 95% energy saving because it runs on a power source (instead of a transformer). One of the big innovations of Lumiplus DC is the TQL (Top Quality Lighting) leading-edge technology which offers enhanced light quality and distribution with a standout design.

Enjoying a swim in silence is another priority for pool users. That’s why one of the big draws of the exhibition were new-generation filter pumps such as Victoria Plus Silent, a new release from the Astralpool brand that boasts minimum noise levels (between 61 and 70 dBA).


There are increasingly more options to make a pool a leisure space for the whole family. Water games are a growing trend, promoting physical activity for children, shoring up family bonds and guaranteeing days of fun.



The use of chemical products to treat pools still raises many concerns. One of the innovations that aroused the most expectations in Lyon was the Multi-action in water-soluble film care pod solution from CTX Professional. In a single-dose format, the system has a water-soluble protective film that prevents chemicals from coming into contact with the skin.