CTX Professional is launching an improved version of the Pool Care app

What is the best way of maintaining a pool outside of the bathing season? The new update of the CTX Professional Pool Care app will show you in a few easy steps.

The Professional Pool Care app is a straightforward and handy guide for testing the state of your pool water at any time. What’s more, you will immediately receive recommendations from an expert to any problems encountered.

Using this free app, you will be given the most accurate instructions for keeping your pool water in perfect condition throughout the bathing season and in winter, as well as which products to use and in which doses in order to do so. You will also obtain advice and tips for treating potential problems resulting from the use of your pool: how to deal with an infestation of algae, how to achieve perfectly transparent water, how to remove excess debris, etc.

Moreover, the new version will enable you to see the log files of all reports completed and to request the services of your nearest distributor.

Take advantage of this opportunity to contact experts who are able to resolve any queries in the shortest possible delay. Download the app free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play. All of our expertise and experience in your hands.

CTX Professional: we care for water, we care for you

CTX Professional is the undisputed market leader in the care and treatment of pool water.

With 30 years of trust from our customers behind us, we continue to expand our range, research each day. CTX Professional is synonymous of quality.

Thanks to the efforts of our experts dedicated to create new and better products, customer service philosophy and an extensive knowledge of the market It has made the brand CTX Professional has international recognition.

For further information: http://www.ctxprofessional.com/en/pool-care-app/

Fluidra, an international benchmark in Pool & Wellness

Fluidra is devoted to developing applications for sustainable water use at the service of people’s health and wellbeing, offering complete solutions for the extensive field of Pool & Wellness: leisure, sports and therapeutic applications for residential, commercial and public use, also specialising in water treatment, fluid handling and efficient irrigation systems through its leading brands AstralPool, CTX Professional, Cepex and Idrania.

Fluidra currently operates in 45 countries through 150 branch offices and production plants on every continent. The group has around 4,000 members of staff.