AstralPool revolutionises pool construction with ModuloPool

AstralPool continues to surprise with solutions and products that feature cutting-edge innovation and sustainability, this time revolutionising the industry with ModuloPool, a unique system of module-based pool construction that saves significant time and money.

In broad terms, ModuloPool is a pool structure created from polypropylene modules (a highly resistant and 100% recyclable material). This system makes highly personalised pools with the same strength and durability of a traditional pool possible.

Installing ModuloPool is easy. The modules are first assembled to create the required pool structure, and then concrete is poured in to ensure the pool can resist water pressure.


A pool in a day!

This unique construction system renders the drawbacks of a structural framework and its outer and inner lining unnecessary so that pool owners can enjoy their pool much earlier than with a traditional pool. In fact, it should only take two people one day to install an 8×4 m pool.

With ModuloPool customers not only minimise installation time but save money as well. Compared with traditional pool construction, ModuloPool results in a 50% savings on concrete and 35% savings on components to reinforce the structure.

Moreover, the modular format provides a wide range of options to homeowners, who can choose every detail of the pool’s shape, size and accessories. ModuloPool is currently available in four models (Drop, Mizo, Ibai and Malik) and has three lines of accessories (Basic Solution, Sustainable Solution and Premium Solution).

You can check out the different ModuloPool options and download the catalogue on the ModuloPool website.