AstralPool Mac surprises with a stunning digital campaign

AstralPool has been running one of the funniest ad campaigns of the summer. To present the advantages of AstralPool Mac, our colleagues have created a fantastic digital campaign featuring a video of a very special pool party.

As you can see in the video, AstralPool Mac provides total pool control. No matter what. And, indeed, the system does control all pool settings to give you a brilliant pool experience: temperature, pH level and levels of efficiency, filtering and dosing. Plus, through the mobile app, users can track and control their installation at all times.

Another key part of the campaign is the website, which explains the operation of the unit and the app (available for Apple and Android systems), along with the main benefits of the unit and the contact form.

Thanks to this new concept of smart pool control and maintenance, an extreme pool party will never again be an impediment to enjoying a pool!