Warranty Policy

1. Fluidra Vietnam Responsibility for Product Warranty

Fluidra Vietnam warrants defective product(s) by troubleshooting, replacing defective parts or details… and accepts new product change if the breakdown(s) is caused by Fluidra production.

Fluidra Vietnam does not take responsibility for consequences arising from customer incorrect usage, wrong purpose usage, inappropriate operating conditions and environment or any cases mentioned in the Article 4.


Product Warranty is applied only on Product Defect caused by either production or during transportation done by Fluidra Vietnam.

Customer must prove/show how the product is installed/operated/maintenance & etc. upon claiming or as requested by Fluidra Vietnam.

Fluidra Vietnam is not responsible to any cost due to warranty downtime.

In any case, the product fails because of our product defect, we are obliged to replace the entire product or only the parts or proportional reduction in the price.

2. Customer Responsibility for Product Usage

- Correctly install, operate, maintain product(s) according to the product manual and catalogue.

- When delivering, avoid colliding, deforming, crashing, smashing, etc...

- In the advent of incident, fully provide information as guidance of Fluidra Technical Engineers.

- Suggest having a product functioning diary.

3.Scope of Warranty

In case product(s), equipment is found defective/errors/breakdown due to Fluidra malfunction or production, they will be warranted, troubleshot, replaced according to warranty terms and conditions mentioned below:

- Defective product is caused by Fluidra production or transportation from Fluidra to Customer.

- Defective product must be within valid warranty period. The warranty period is estimated from buying date according to Sales Contract / VAT Invoice. If does not have information about the buyding date and VAT invoice date, warranty period is 12 months from the delivery date of Fluidra Vietnam.

4. Out of Scope Warranty

Objective Cases:

- Product(s) is out of Warranty Period.

- Force Majeure: disaster, flood, thunderstorm, …

Customer Usage:

- The technical department is submerged, moist, low ventilation.

- Defects or damages are due to incorrect installation, negligence, or failure to properly maintain products as specified in the Fluidra manual: procedures, voltage, position…

- Defects or damages are due to external forces: colliding, smashing, deforming, scratch, crack, warp, harmful rodents, careless handling, improper repackaging, shipping/transportation, intense shocks from outside …

- Supplied voltage is unstable and improper. Or there are an electricity surges or decreases or other incidents in electricity supply.

- The product is due to product modifications (disassembled, repaired, replaced before delivering to Fluidra) or failure to use Fluidra original replacement parts.

- Product is imported from others country and is not supplied by Fluidra Vietnam Co., Ltd

- When the product is the accessories: No warranty accessory.

- In the advent of force majeure, negotiation method will be conducted by two parties to find an appropriate and satisfactory solution.

5.Period and Method of Warranty

Warranty Period is 12 months for all Fluidra products.

Warranty Time is Working Time from Monday to Friday, not including Weekend and Holidays.

In case the defective product(s) is to be transferred to The Factory for defect examination, if the defect is not the fault of the product or due to production, The Factory will not provide the warranty and will not return the defective product to the customer.

6. Warranty Process

Customer follows the attached process to carry out product warranty.

7. Warranty Address


Address: 30 Nguyen Thi Thap St., New Him Lam Residence, Tan Hung Ward, Dist. 7, HCMC

- Contact Telephone: 028 6251 5205

- Contact for Product Warranty: Ms. Thao Le (Email:cs02@fluidra.vn)

- Contact for Technical Issues: Mr. Nguyen Nguyen (Email: nguyennt@fluidra.vn)

Working Time: 9h - 16h from Monday to Friday, not including Holidays.